Long Lake Township Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan for Long Lake Township was completed in 2005 with input from residents. The plan emphasizes that residents wanted to keep the rural/agricultural feeling of the township. Highlights from the plan are listed below.

  • Direct higher density housing (no less than 2.5 acre lots) to those areas within a one to two mile radius of Brainerd city limits (at the time this plan is adopted) in order to minimize or eliminate annexations.
  • Explore the option of allowing cluster housing in order to minimize or eliminate annexations and to provide housing options, particularly in those areas closest to Brainerd.
  • Maintain larger lot sizes of at least 20 acres in a majority of the Township.
  • Discourage subdivisions in agricultural areas beyond one mile from the Brainerd municipal border.
  • Do not allow properties to be subdivided that are less than the minimum lot size requirement or subdivisions that would leave a property at less than the minimum lot size requirement.